best camera for beginners

Best Camera For Beginners

We’ll try to answer the question of all beginners in the field for visual content creation.
How can you choose the best camera?
Since there is no single correct answer that works for all people, the answer is considered personal and based on the preferences and the set each person is in.

A camera can be suitable for you but not suitable for others.
Today I will talk about some things that you need to take into account and think about well, and my words will let you decide what the best camera is.
First, I must inform you that creating visual content is not just a camera, but certainly, the camera is one of the most important tools you need.
You must have a clear vision of your project in general and specify all the tools that you may need.

Used VS New Camera, What is the Best?

One of the important things that you have to decide
Would you like to buy a new camera or a used camera?
Of course, the new one has its advantages and disadvantages, and the used one has its advantages and disadvantages
Often, the most important thing that determines this decision is the price, because the new one is often a little more expensive than the used one, which means that if you set a budget, you will find that you can buy a particular new model at the same new price as a slightly newer used model.
And here you should check the condition of the used camera. If it’s in very good condition or excellent condition and the price is suitable, buy it; but if its condition is not good and you feel worried, it is better to buy a new camera with a warranty.
Let’s talk a little more about the warranty of new cameras.
The price of a new camera in the market is frequently different, which means you will find places where some vendors frequently sell new cameras for a lower price than other places, and sometimes you will find stores that offer only a one-year warranty, while other stores offer a two-year warranty, and the price difference between the cheapest seller and the most expensive seller in the market is not large. 

The important thing is the guarantee—the agent’s guarantee, not a shop guarantee.
The agent’s warranty means that if the camera is broken, you can repair it at the agency for free.
But if a shop has a warranty, it means that the shop is the one that will repair the camera themselves. They’ll get things sorted.
 This is a bit of a concern in terms of the experience of the person who repairs the camera and the quality of the spare parts that are used in the repair.
And in the end, to be reassured about what you are buying, it is better to buy from an authorised distributor or agent, and so you will be able to find the distributors or agents through the official website of the company you want to buy from, such as the official website of Canon, Sony, Nikon, or others.
And if you’re going to buy new or used, the first thing you need to think about and have clearly defined is the budget.
The amount of money that you specify to buy the best camera because the budget will determine many other things.

used vs new camera

How To Set Best Budget For Your First Camera?

Regarding the financial budget, there are some points that I want you to take into consideration as well.
I can tell you from my experience that the lowest budget you can set is about $300.
And if your budget is less than that, you will still depend on the mobile camera for photography, whether you are buying a new mobile or already have a mobile phone.
The most important thing is that the lowest budget I recommend is about $300, and this amount was determined based on the cheapest professional Canon camera on the market currently, the Canon EOS 4000 D camera.
Read more about Canon Cameras
You can find cameras that are cheaper than that, like point and shoot cameras, but I don’t want anyone to rely on these cameras, and often for modern mobile phones, they will give you better results, so if you have a really good mobile, you can rely on it.
Direct your budget to good headlights. If you do not have a good mobile phone, you can rely on it. Buy a modern mobile phone.
Of course, you can easily find out from people who are experts in reviewing mobile phones. Which mobiles in this price category have the best camera?

And when you want to develop your equipment more and move from the stage of photography with a mobile camera, it is better that you choose a professional camera, and when I say a professional camera, I mean a camera with a large Sensor such as DSLR cameras.
At the same time, you can change the lens later, and this applies to the Canon 4000D camera, the cheapest professional camera from Canon on the market today.
There is a second important point that you should take into consideration, which is that the price is directly related to the capabilities, meaning the more expensive the camera is, the higher all its capabilities and specifications are.
And maybe you, as a photographer, whether of photos or videos, may need cameras that have certain capabilities and specifications, but these specifications are not present except in high-end cameras.
If your budget allows you to buy a high-end camera that has the specifications you need, then there is no problem. But if your budget is small and does not allow it, you will buy the best camera that your budget allows.
And you need to learn how to use it in the best possible way to get the best quality possible.
In short, what is available is enough, and let it be known to you that there is a big difference between what we need and what we want or would love to have.
And often, what we need will be much less than what we want.
In short, if your budget is limited, it will not remain in many options, but the larger the budget, the more choices that are intended for you.
Therefore, you must specify as much as you can what the specifications or capabilities are that you need in your camera.


How to Choose The Best Camera For Beginners?

Regarding specifications and capabilities, choosing the right camera for you depends very much on the naturalness of your work.
And that is why you must ask yourself a question: What will you use the camera for?
Of course, making visual content means shooting a video, but some people may need a camera to shoot photos only.
Therefore, you must know very well what you will use the camera for.
In general, you must bear in mind that the camera alone is not the one that will make you get the best possible picture.
The camera needs a good lens. Read more about Canon Lenses and how to choose the best lens for you. You may also need a holder to put the camera on.
Lighting is one of the most important factors affecting image quality.
If you want to get an excellent result, especially in video shooting, you should consider owning excellent lenses and lighting, and this is, of course, if your budget allows that.

its not just only a perfect camera makes perfect photo, it's about choosing right elements!

Best Camera For Photography For Beginners

However, you must take into account these points.
Regarding the specifications or capabilities of the camera, if you are taking pictures while you are still a beginner and learning, it is better to start with the cheapest professional camera, and when you learn and develop your skills and understand photography, you can at that moment sell your camera and get a better camera.
If you photograph indoor places, such as wedding halls, for example, or a shop from the inside, you will most likely need to BUY A FLASH with a camera because the lighting in these places is often poor.
But if you shoot outdoors, especially during the day, and often, you will only need direct sunlight. In both cases, a camera from $300 to $500 will suffice.
Especially if you are a beginner and if you have a larger budget, it is better to allocate the rest to any other tools, whether flash, lens, or extra Batteries.
If you shoot action and sports photos, you must buy a camera with fast continuous shooting.
The least and most important thing, in my opinion, will be five pictures per second, and this means that you need a camera like the 800D or higher. I mean, we are talking about a price of about 700 dollars.

photography lighting

Best Video Camera For Beginners

If you are shooting a video, you must take into account two very important things.
First, you must take into account that autofocus is suitable for shooting video.
So the lens is also suitable for video shooting. What is meant by autofocus being suitable for video shooting?
When you set the camera to continuous autofocus, you will find that there is continuous face tracking, and you will not find that the focus is not set.
The focus motor in the lenses must be silent to shoot video.
When adjusting the focus lens, you do not hear any sound.
Therefore, it is necessary to check the lens that comes with the camera, especially in Canon cameras, because there are two types of lenses. The first is the 18-55mm type STM motor, where the focus is very fast and very silent.
And another type, normal, has written on it 18-55mm Mark 3, and this type makes a loud sound during focusing, so this lens may be suitable for photography, but it is not suitable at all for video shooting And you should know that the focus of the lens depends on the camera.
If you have a camera with limited or cheap capabilities and a very fast lens is mounted on it, you will find that the focus is also slow, and this is because of the camera, not the lens. Check the camera (Canon eos 250 d), because it usually comes with it.
The lens is an 18-55mm normal, not an STM lens.
And it’s disappointing to have to install a slow and annoying lens like the normal 18-55mm on a nice camera like the 250d.
Also, regarding video shooting, you must specify your priorities and the most important specifications for you.


For example:
Do you need a normal crop sensor camera or not?
Is it necessary for you to have a full-frame camera sensor?
• Is continuous autofocus important to you or shooting with Manual Focus?
Is it necessary for you to shoot a 4k video, or is it enough for you in full HD?
Do you need slow-motion photography?
• Do you need regular slow motion 60 frames per second?
Do I need Super Slow Motion 120 frames per second?
Do I need autofocus with slow motion or not?
Do I need to record sound in slow motion or not?
And of course, a lot of other details.

What Are The Things I Should Consider Before Buying A Camera?

Therefore, the topic requires you to study a little, especially if you need more than one feature together at the same time.
The important thing is that you know what you need
According to the budget that you specified, you will make a list of all the cameras that fall within this budget.
I mean, if the maximum budget is $500, you will still be looking for cameras whose price ranges between $400 and $500.
And there are many ways you can search, whether you open the official website or Amazon or by going directly to the store, and when you open the site, you can make a filter with your capabilities and budget.
After you are done searching, collect the names of the cameras you found in a file, then study well the specifications of each camera in detail, and I advise you to read the details and capabilities from the official page of the camera, and you can also search for reviews of the camera, whether on Google, articles or reviews on YouTube, professional channels or the official channels of the brand, whether Sony, Nikon, or Canon, and you can also use sites specialized in comparing cameras
In the end, I would like to think about the most important specifications based on which to compare, first, the type of camera, is it a DSLR or a Mirrorless?

• Screen quality and clarity.
• Various imaging systems.
Continuous shooting speed.
The flashes that are compatible with the camera.
• The video quality that you can capture with the camera.
• Does the camera have a place to install an external mic or not?
• Is there a place to install external speakers or not?
• Can you install a memory card in it?
• What are the types of memory cards that the camera supports?
• What are the available connections that you can install in the camera?

With many simple second details, and of course, The advantage of these cameras will be based on the specifications that are important to you, the specifications that you need in your work.

What Are The Things I Should Consider Before Buying A Camera

Best Vlogging Camera For Beginners

For visual content makers, the important specifications are as follows:
The battery life, because video recording takes a lot of charge from the battery, Knowing that the best is that you install a dummy battery.
One of the most important things you need is the rotating screen, so that you can see yourselves when you are shooting.
Of course, it is very convenient that the screen is touch and you can use it to control the camera completely
This screen will answer these questions,
Are you in focus or not?
Is the cadre set or not?
You will need a continuous focus suitable for shooting video, meaning that the focus tracks you if you move, although you can technically rely on the manual focus, it is much easier and much faster to have continuous autofocus that you can rely on.
As for the speed of filming, you have from 24 to 30 frames, some people like the cinematic style.
The important thing is that you make sure that the camera has the frame rate that you want because some cameras do not have 24 per second.
Canon cameras, unfortunately, if you need slow motion, at least, it will be at a speed of 50 or 60 per second, if higher than that, it will be a development and quality improvement.
And if you want more luxury, buy a good light bulb or even a ring light.
If you want to go further, buy a lens with a wide aperture. I recommend the 24mm lens with a 2.8 aperture.
If you are not able to buy it, you will have the 50mm F1.8, but the 50mm lens will make the cadre a little small, and to make the cadre wider, you will have to keep the camera a distance away from you.
In the end, I want to tell you simple advice, always choose the latest technology, even if you will choose a lower category or model because the latest in technology is often better.



At the end of the article, I want to give you a simple gift, which is recommendations for the different price categories, and of course, I am talking about the new cameras that are currently in the market.
If you want to buy a new camera and want the specifications that I said are the best for visual content makers, then we are talking about cameras from the first 570$ and above.
And the best thing is, as long as you are shooting a video, buy a Canon camera, not a Nikon
Being is better for a photo than most
If you have a low budget, less than $570, buy Canon cameras
The first thing you have leftover from $570 to $1,000, you will have many choices between Canon or Nikon, and the first thing you get is from $1,000 to $1,500 above. Choose as you like between Nikon, Canon, and Sony
Let’s start my recommendations from cheapest to most expensive
The cheapest professional camera that you can buy currently, new in the market, is the eos 4000D camera
Then the camera canon eos 2000D
Nikon D5600 camera, Canon EOS 200D, and by the way, these two cameras are considered the least excellent thing for shooting video because they have almost everything you need as a visual content maker, regardless of the battery that you can replace with a dummy one. You have the screen that rotates, you have the excellent continuous autofocus for video shooting and you have a place to install an external microphone And you shoot a Full HD video from the first 24 to 60 frames per second, in addition to you can shoot slow motion and my personal opinion if you are still making a YouTube channel, which cameras are higher than them in video shooting, I consider them development and an increase in quality.

The cameras that are in the close to range are like the 250D that I recommend above the 200D and the Nikon D5600, but I will say in short, if you have a budget of $ 1000 and want to make a YouTube channel, you will allocate an amount of money for the eos 200D or you can answer the Nikon D5600, I prefer shooting videos with a camera Canon
We will bring the Canon 200D, and we will bring the lens with it 24 mm with an aperture of 2.8 mm, and you can bring with it a stand, and you can bring with it a Night Ring light, and this package will give you very, very excellent video quality.
Back to our recommendations, the Canon eos 250D or the Canon eos m50 camera. The two cameras are considered a copy of each other, but the m50 is a mirrorless camera and the 250D is a DSLR camera. When we have more budget, we will find the camera Canon eos m6 Mark II is a very excellent mirrorless camera from Canon and I recommend it very
And the best camera nomination among the Crop Sensor cameras.

To get the highest possible video quality, the Sony Alpha A6400 camera with a Sigma 16mm lens, 1.4mm lens aperture will be about $1,500, but with this amount, you will get fabulous quality and a 4K video.
Let’s talk about the full-frame cameras, and the last thing is the full-frame. For me, it gives you excellent quality, it will be the Canon EOS
And the best camera nomination among the Crop Sensor cameras
To get the highest possible video quality, the Sony Alpha A6400 camera with a Sigma 16mm lens, 1.4mm lens aperture will be about $1,500, but with this amount, you will get fabulous quality and a 4K video.
Let’s go to the full-frame cameras, and the last thing is full-frame. For me, it gives you excellent quality. It will be the Canon EOS RP with the 50 mm aperture 1.8 lens
And if we talk about prices higher than that
I recommend the Sony Alpha A7 III camera for the price of the camera without the lens
After that, the camera is Canon eos R with a lens of 50 mm, aperture of 1.8, and this is the highest price that we will reach in this article because if you invest a higher amount than that, you will often be professional and very understanding what you are doing. I hope this article is useful for you and the information you provided It helps you, you can choose the right camera for you.