Canon t6 vs t7

Canon t6 vs t7

In this artical we will talk about canon t6 vs t7, you will know about their build and features, also we will talk about the performance of canon t6 and canon t7, what are their pros and cons in every single point.
Finally we will show the price of each canon t6 and t7, so you can decide which camera is suitable for you.

Canon T6 Build

Let’s take a look at the build quality and a couple of the features of this Canon t6, so the first thing you are going to notice is just how small this camera is for dslr the t6 is actually one of the smallest DSLRs you can buy from Canon and pretty much any company for that matter but to me that’s actually not a bad thing being a very lightweight camera can sometimes mean you are a little bit more inclined to pick it up and take it with you rather than kind of being worried that it’s going to be heavy especially for beginners.

Canon T6

The Top Of T6 Canon

On top of the camera we have got all the buttons you would expect to see in a beginner DSLR and also a mode dial which allows you to select the mode you want to be in, now of course we have got all basic beginner modes like sports and portraits etc.
We have also got aperture, shutter and manual modes when you want to get a little bit more serious.

top Canon T6

The buttons on the back are actually really quite nice, however I would have liked to have seen the menu and the display button at the top because I use them quite often.
So overall the cameras build is actually pretty good for what it is, I think it’s important to remember that, this is a camera for a beginner and not really a camera for a professional, so I think it’s good to take that into consideration.

LCD Screen

Let’s now talk about LCD screen on the back, so we have got a three inch screen in the back which has around about 920,000 dots and after testing it out for a while it was actually pretty good, now even in bright daylight it was actually quite easy to see the LCD screen.
It is however missing something that I really do like to see and that’s an articulating screen so whereas on camera like the t6 I on the T suggests which are above this one, you can swivel your screen out and get a better composition with the t6 you are kind of forced to take the photo even if you can’t really see the screen, It’s also missing a touch screen.

LCD T6 screen


If you have ever used a Canon camera before, you will feel right at home with the menu system, it’s easy to get around and change the settings that you need.
Now little tip is that if you actually change your dial to manual mode you will get more settings you can actually change which can be really great.
So overall the menus are pretty good but just remember to change it a bit of manual mode to get all the settings.

The Menu Of Canon T6

WiFi and NFC

That’s one of the new inclusions on the canon t6, so essentially what this allows you to do is connect a camera to your phone and do things, like transfer your photos and also get a live view of what you are shooting, so that is one of the perfect cameras to have this feature because you know it’s targeting a younger generation of users who love to share their photos on social media.

Canon T6 wifi and NFC

Sd card position :
The things that I don’t like is the sd card slot is on the bottom so it means if you have this camera on a tripod you might not be able to access your sd card while your camera has your tripod bracket mounted on.
Microphone :
It has no microphone input so you can’t put on a shotgun microphone and record video.


Last thing we talk about price and more importantly value for money, the Canon t6 comes in at 398 $, you also get a lens with that so all you really need to get up and running after is an SD card and you are good.

Canon T7 Build

The build is simplistic but essential because it equips the filmmaker photographer with everything he needs to start his journey as a content creator, so one of those features is the quick release button at the front of the camera that allows you to exchange lenses quickly, that’s super convenient especially if you are going to plan on picking up another lens.

Canon T7

This camera is equipped with a hard plastic exterior and it also has variety of ports including an audio jack so you are going to be able to connect this to an external microphone and has a mini USB port, a mini HDMI port and of course your slots for your battery and sd card.

The Back Of T7

• On the back you are getting a one and quarter inch wide LCD screen.
• It’s not a touch screen also it’s not a flip out screen.
Those are some cons but it does have an easy to use control pad on the back of the camera, so that you can change your iso, f-stop and shutter speed camera settings.

The back of t7

The Top Of T7

• A great feature is a spin dial located at the top of the camera.
which allows you to switch from manual, auto and video mode relatively quickly.
• also gives you access to a bunch of other supplementary modes like porsche mode.

The Top Of Canon T7


• You are getting a 24 megapixel sensor and an iso range of 100 to 6400.
meaning you are going to be able to take high quality photos and videos even in low light situations.
• The autofocus is not very fast and although autofocus does change in terms of distance from lens to lens.
This eos t7 body isn’t a great at its autofocus especially for video.

performance of T7


The price for this camera is 479 $ and that includes the 18 to 55 mm lens, so you are getting the lens, the camera and the battery all in that package.
If you are new to the camera market you might be thinking 479 $ for an outdated camera is a bit too much but when you compare this to the newest addition the T series by Canon the T8 that comes at 900 $, this is a steel as it’s more than 400 $ cheaper and it pretty much has all the same specs as the t8 the same 24 megapixel sensor, the same 100 to 6400 iso range and the same autofocus,  pretty much everything is the same.

price of canon t7

So I definitely recommend that you get the Canon T7 instead of the T8 purely because the price is so big for such a small quality increase in the T8.
This is a great budget camera, that’s great for content creators, doesn’t break the bank and provides high quality photo and video.

Canon T6 vs T7 Summary

Finally,here is a photo that shows the features of Canon t6 vs t7, now i think you are fully aware of the features of the both cameras.

canon t6 vs t7 summary