Sony A6400 camera

Sony A6400

Today we are going to unbox the Sony A6400. 
We can simply say this is the best APS-C sensor camera that you can use, it has abilities that make it the best. 
And we will talk about the camera and its capabilities and why professionals say it is the best camera for YouTube?

Sony A6400 Review

At first we look at the Sony A6400 box on the front it says e-mount, and the idea of e-mount for Sony cameras is very good, because apsc cameras use e-mount cameras, and full frame cameras also use e-mount, so if you started shooting for the first time with an apsc sensor camera and add lenses to it and later decided to upgrade for full frame cameras, the same lenses you used for apsc. You can use them in full frames, and if you do not know what full frame and APS-c sensors mean, I advise you to read more about them through the sensor article.

Sony A6400 e-mount

Of course, Sony cameras give you the ability to crop the sensor, and thus adjust the area that you will use from the sensor according to the type of lens.
The e-mount has two types of lenses, the fe-mount, and the f means full frame.
On one side of the box, you will notice that they write the contents of the box and show you the pictures, and the other side of the box contains the many different capabilities of the Sony A6400 camera, and what is written is a very small part of the many capabilities that this camera offers you.

I would like to say very simply that the Sony APS-C sensor cameras when you compare it to any other camera, such as Canon’s APS-C sensor, Sony cameras are superior to them, not only that, but you will also notice that when you compare this camera with some professional Canon full-frame cameras, you will also notice a remarkable superiority, bearing in mind that this camera is an APSC sensor.
A very simple note is that the Crop Factor for Sony APSC sensor cameras is 1.5, and for canon APS-c sensor is 1.7, meaning that the Sony APSC sensor is 0.2 larger.

Sony A6400 box side

Sony A6400 Specs

From the capabilities that are written on the box.
1/ APS-c Sensor.
2/ Effective Megapixels 24.2
3/ The ISO range is very excellent, from 100 to 23000.
4/ Since it is a mirrorless camera, it shoots 11 frames per second, consecutive shooting.
5/ There are approximately 425 autofocus points that cover all parts of the sensor, and this is one of the advantages of the mirrorless camera and the autofocus of the Sony is very excellent, and on the Internet there are many debates about dual focus for Canon is better or face detection auto focus for Sony is better?

Sony A6400 specs on box

6/ With regard to shooting photos, there is a real time AF, meaning the camera not only sees the face, but also sees the eye, and this feature is found in some of the few Canon cameras, such as the m50 in photo shooting, not in video, and also in the eos R in photo and video shooting and the eos250D and in Anyway, if you are interested in this feature, Sony is the pioneer in this feature, and not only that. Sony cameras not only recognize the human eye, but also recognize the animal’s eye. Sony says that this feature works perfectly on animals such as cats and dogs, and with updates In the future, they will try to enter more animals.
7/ There is real time tracking, meaning that the camera can track moving objects very accurately
8/ Sony a6400 is considered one of the best and fastest cameras that follow autofocus, so you can track anything that moves quickly easily, and this means that you can use it in shooting sports comfortably because it shoots 11fps, this time can be reduced when you shoot in silent mode, so it reaches 8fps, but this number is still Too big for competitors.
9/ It has a touch focus shutter, and this feature from Sony is among its shortcomings, and a company like Canon is very superior to it. The Canon camera has a touch screen that you can use to do everything such as changing settings, but the Sony screen does not touch everything, but only in tracking and adjusting autofocus.
10/ It has a flip screen but flips up, not like Canon cameras that flip on their side.

Sony A6400 Real time AF

Sony A6400 Unboxing

Now, after a quick description of the camera features, we open the box and unload its contents.
1/ There is a set of papers with suggestions for accessories related to the camera and also a quick start guide.
2/ There is the body, and the first impression when holding the body is that it is sturdy and small, but Sony’s defect is that when you hold the hand grip, you do not feel that you are master of the camera, and the reason for designing the hand grip in this way is to be able to design a battery in width to make it easier for you to open the battery door without removing The tripod plate, but in any case, the body is supposed to be aluminum, meaning it is considered a solid body and is weather sealed, yet it is slightly light.
3 / There is also a strap so that you can carry the camera on the neck when photographing a photo.
4/ There is a charger, and here is also one of the disadvantages of Sony that it gives you a charger that is not an external charger to install the battery, but this charger you connect.
USB from the battery, on the one hand, in a camera, and on the other hand, you install it in the socket. Among the disadvantages also is that this charger is micro usb, not usb-c, but it has excellent capabilities. Through this charger, you can run the camera on an external battery, and this is one of the most important features Which Sony a6400 has, but the drawback is that you will have to charge the battery inside the camera and not with an external charger like the one that comes with Canon cameras.
5/ There is also the battery, and most people blame Sony because the battery space is small, but in any case, the battery space will not make a difference with you as long as you have the great feature that you can charge the battery while you are working. External battery via micro usb.
In addition to the above, there is a very cool feature in this camera that makes this camera one of the best video cameras that you can use, which is that the video shooting time is open, not like Canon cameras or most other cameras or even some models from Sony, as long as you have space In the memory card and you have a charged battery, the camera will shoot, but there is a concern about something, which is, will the camera heat up after this time of filming?
Canon cameras before the a6400 and the A7iii were very famous for being hot in cold climatic conditions, but there are YouTube reviews about this camera and they answered this question and said that even if the camera heats up, it allows you to shoot continuously for more than an hour, even if you shoot in In a cold place, the camera will usually continue and there will be no problems with it. In any case, even if the camera heats up, you have an advantage in the camera that you stop the camera automatically when it reaches a high temperature so that you can maintain the components of the camera.
6/ There are all kinds of sockets that you can use in terms of electrical connections.
7/ There is a micro USB connection.
8/ Comes with the camera eye cap.

sony a6400 unboxing

Why Is The Sony A6400 The Best Camera For YouTube?

I would like to say quickly, before we go into details about the body, what are the advantages that made me recommend this camera and say that it is one of the best cameras that you can use for YouTube photography.
• The possibility of operating the camera through an external battery via the micro USB connection.
• You can shoot a video consecutively without stopping.
• For the first time in Sony cameras, you have a screen that flips up, so when you open the screen and flip it up and after you put it on the tripod, you can easily see yourself when shooting a video and follow the settings and that the camera is recording, you will be assured that the camera is working and this is very important for YouTubers or vloggers Of course, there are many vloggers who did not like this design because the screen is pulled up and most of the vloggers install a mic at the top, so if they install the mic they will not see the screen pulled up, We can answer them and find solutions.
• Among the disadvantages is that when you close the screen, you are always exposed to any accident or scratch, so I advise you to install a screen protector.
• The capabilities of the mythical camera, and from here we will talk about the capabilities and the wonderful features that this camera has.

Sony A6400 continuous shooting

Like I said, there is an APS-C sensor, which is larger than Canon sensors.
• This camera shoots 6K video and then makes a down sample for 4K. In the end, you get a very sharp and detailed 4K video, the best 4K picture you can get because it is basically 6K.
• As for the Full HD shooting, it shoots Full HD from the first 24fp to 30fps, 60fps and 120fps super slow motion full HD with the best quality.
• With continuous autofocus and voice recording, keep in mind when you compare this camera to a camera like the more expensive eos R. The eos R doesn’t shoot 120fps Full HD. Not only that, but also without continuous autofocus. You have to set focus only once or follow a manual. Also it doesn’t record audio.
• In addition, if you browse the menu, you will notice that there are a large number of details and options.
• It may make you feel that the Sony a6400 camera is somewhat difficult to use with all these options, and you may ask the famous question: What are the best settings that I adjust to get the best picture or the best video?
If you are a professional photographer, you will be glad to have all these features because in addition to all of the above in terms of video recording, this camera has S-log 1-2-3 and HCL means flat video picture profiles that help you do excellent color correction.
But if you are a beginner or an amateur, you will feel difficulty in dealing with this camera, and you can also feel alienated from this camera, and its menu is long and complex, and you will find it difficult to photograph a picture or video that looks excellent. You will have to change a lot of settings until you learn how to deal with this camera.
But if you are a fan of dealing with Canon cameras, this camera will open the way for you to become professional.

Why is the Sony A6400 the best camera for youtube

Sony A6400

Now we will explain the camera from all angles

From the bottom

• There is a battery door.
• There is also a place for a memory card.
• There is a place for the tripod plate.

Sony A6400 camera from below

From Front

• There is a lens cap.
• Button to remove the lens.
• There is a focus beam, you can turn it on in low light, the light goes out to adjust the focus.
• In the hand grip IR receiver, you can control the camera through IR remote.
• It has Bluetooth – Wifi – NFC.
• So the Sony a6400 has all the connections you need and all the control methods.

Sony A6400 camera from front

From The Side

• There is an NFC tag.
from the other side
• There is a door that you can open and close.
• There is a micro usb.
• There is Micro HDMI.
• There is a slot for an extension mic.

Sony A6400 camera from side

From The Top

• There is a dial.
• There is a mode dial.
• There is flash.
• There is a shutter button.
• There is a customization button.
• There is an ON/OFF switch.

Sony A6400 camera from top

From The Back

• There is a flip up screen.
• There is a switch to adjust the focus or sharpness electronics viewfinder.
• There is a flash button.
• There is a menu button.
• There is an autofocus switch.
• There is a group of buttons that enables you to control.
• There is a record button.

Sony A6400 camera from back

In the end, you will get excellent, amazing and professional capabilities from this small and durable camera.